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Trend Following Strategies

Trend following is a proven strategy to beat the market.  Be on the right side of the trend to wins in the market.  Here are several proven trend following strategies that we use to beat the market each year since our inception in 2006.

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Monthly Stock Market Report.
An archive of the monthly stock market trends useful to get a historical perspective on the market.

Sector Rotation, a Proven Investing Strategy
Two quality studies show sector rotation is a proven trend following strategy that routinely beats the market.

Sector Rotation Strategy - April 2009.
Sector rotation is a proven strategy to beat the market.

Buy and Hold vs. Market Timing Strategies.
Buy and Hold has not worked recently. Do Market Timing strategies work better that take advantage of the trends in the market do better?

Ten Trends.
These ten macro trends provided a strategic framework for long term investment themes that are key to your trend following strategy.

Stock Market Cycles
Follow the trend and you are much more likely to Beat the Market. See how the trend is your friend.

Stock Market Trends - NASDAQ Charts.
Recent views of the trend of the NASDAQ. Know whether the trend is up, down or sideways. 

Pull Back or New Bear Market.
In June 2006, the market was moving down. What are the signs it was just a pull back and not a new bear market?

S&P 500 Trend Following Charts.
Recent views of the trend of the S&P 500. Know whether the trend is up, down or sideways.

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