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Beat the Market

Want to make money in the stock market and consistently Beat the Indices? Have a day job so you cannot monitor your stocks? Want to learn how to invest and not just blindly follow someone's recommendations? Then our Premium Portfolios are for you. Join other happy members.

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Beat the Market describes how Trading Online Markets' portfolios are created. Check out the five step process that is so successful.

The Fed paused in raising rates and the DJIA has hit all time highs. Want to know what is going to happen this coming week? Then check our Market Commentary feature that is part of our Premium Portfolios. It includes a Point of Interest offering an interesting view on a particular market issue, an overview of the economic events for the upcoming week, what to watch for regarding interest rates and the economy, as well as the key market trends for the week.


Thanks for making investing so easy to understand. And for growing my IRA. I am on my way to financial heaven.

- John

I really appreciate your rationale for each trade. Great teaching tool!

- Christine

I really like how you combine value investing with technical analysis. It really works.

- Simon


Monthly Market Trends
So where will the market go next? And, more importantly, what do I do now?  (more)

Earnings Season - A time to be careful
During earnings season an unexpected announcement can have major ramifications.

Market Cycles.
Since the market seems to move in cycles, how do we know what trend to follow?

Ten Trends.
McKinsey Quarterly identified ten strategic trends that help define future investment opportunities.

Market Trends.
Will the bull market continue?  Check my view.


Learn from your mistakes.
Repeating the same mistake time after time will lead to financial ruin. Discover how to learn from our mistakes and become a better investor and trader.

Inverted Yield Curve.
Is it foretelling a recession? Well, check out the latest on the inverted yield curve.

Compound interest.
Albert Einstein called compound interest the "greatest mathematical discovery of all time."

Get your finances in order.
New to investing, then check out how to get your  so you are ready to start creating wealth.

Stock Sell Strategies - Setting your Exit Target.
Jim Cramer on his "Mad Money" program on CNBC says:  "Bears win, bulls win, pigs get slaughtered."  If you do not know when to sell you get slaughtered.

Trailing Stop.
Wondering how to minimize losses and capture profits then check out our piece on stop loss orders.

Rules to Trade Stocks is based on the combined experience of many successful traders of stocks, commodities, options and futures.  Follow these rules and you greatly increase your odds for success.

Buy Low, Sell High is Wrong.
Often said, but how do you know when the price of a stock is low?

Suggested Reading

For all you bio-engineers, health professionals and investors interested in these fields, you will find this book an informative read: The End of Medicine: How Silicon Valley (and Naked Mice) Will Reboot Your Doctor by Andy Kessler discusses the changes in medicine that technology will spawn. Evidently, this book is causing quite a stir among entrepreneurial engineers and Doctors.

Not sure which way the market is going, then you might find this an interesting book: Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles by Ed Easterling.  One of the best, easy-to-read, study of stock market cycles of which I know.


Practice makes Perfect

Once you have developed your investing or trading strategy and your trading discipline you are ready to practice investing or trading.  Often called paper trading this gives you an opportunity to practice what you have learned.  We highly recommend you practice and test out your strategies before committing your hard earned capital.

To facilitate your practice below are three trading simulation sites that are easy to use.  Give them a try. 

This one is free:  Virtual Stock Exchange - HOME

This one charges a small, one time fee:  Stock-Trak :: Portfolio Simulations

This one charges a low monthly fee:  Investopedia Simulator

Another time to use these practice sites is when you are tempted to make a trade that is not following your discipline, yet just "have" to make a trade.  This will keep you from making a mistake and losing precious capital.

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