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Free stock picks in the Initial Investments Stock Portfolio is designed for anyone who is learning to invest in stocks. It starts each year with $10,000 in capital and it is designed to help stock market beginners learn how to invest and trade without risking substantial capital. Access to this stock portfolio is free to anyone and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to invest and trade, as well as make some money.

The Initial Investments Stock Portfolio does not follow every trade that is executed in the Premium Members Capable Companies Portfolio. The primary goal of this portfolio to help new investors to learn some of the basics. As such it does not short the market nor take advantage of the options to hedge positions. Further, any trades that duplicate what the Premium Members receive are posted two days after Premium members receive their notice of a trade. Remember, not every trade on the Premium Members pages is duplicated on the Initial Investments Stock Portfolio.

Only Premium Members receive:

Moreover, Premium Members are encouraged to ask questions that are answered personally. After all, one of our goals is to help you learn to be a better investor. And finally, we donate 10% of our revenues to selected  educational organizations that seek to help the world's disadvantaged overcome poverty.

Investing 101

Before spending money to buy stocks, it is a good idea to learn stock investing basics. To begin, I suggest you take some time to Learn to Invest by reading a couple of articles that explain what is the stock market, how to buy stocks, how to evaluate companies and some investing rules to follow. You might want to explore the Investing Library, as it lists some of the best books for investors. The Investing Sites page describes the best and most useful investing research sites that are available.

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If you are interested in a free monthly newsletter on the market trends, please send an email to [email protected] with your email address stating you wish to receive the Free Monthly Newsletter and you will be added to the list.

Stock Market Trends

We remain in a bear market and recently tested the lows of 2002 - 2003. For December, I expect to see a year-end rally that could last into the beginning of 2009. Along the way we will see pull backs that will offer opportunities to buy additional shares on dips. I will look to add to positions on these dips.

After that I believe we will once again test the lows reached in 2002 - 2003. We could even fall further if this support level fails to hold. Not every trade made for the Premium Portfolio is replicated here. Those trades made here are posted two days after they are made in the Premium Portfolio.

Initial Investments Portfolio

These selections are for demonstration purposes only and should not be considered as recommendations. Please consult your financial advisor before committing your capital.

Most Recent Trades and Stop Adjustments


Trade Action

12/12/2008 Buy 100 shares of Cisco (CSCO) at 16.99.
9/18/2008 SH hit stop at 71.57 resulting in a gain of $153 or 5.6%.
9/9/2008 Sell 30 shares of BioMarin at $27.32 resulting in a $145 loss or 15.0%
9/2/2008 Buy 40 shares of S&P Short ETF (SH) at $67.75.
7/30/2008 Buy 30 shares of BioMarin (BMRN) at 32.14.
6/30/2008 Sell 30 shares of SH at 68.26 generating a $164 profit or 8.6% return.
6/30/2008 Sell 50 shares of SH at 68.26 generating a $151 profit or 4.6% return.
6/27/2008 EMC hit its stop at 15.43. Position was closed resulting in a $181 loss or 10.5%.
6/3/2008 Buy 30 shares of Proshares Short S&P 500 (SH) at 63.97 (the high of the day to account for slippage and commissions). The first target is 74 with a trailing stop of 11%.
4/9/2008 Buy 50 shares of Proshares Short S&P 500 (SH) at 65.24 (the high of the day to account for slippage and commissions). The first target is 74 with a trailing stop of 11%.
7/3/2007 Raise the stop on EMC to 15.43.
6/4/2007 Buy 100 shares of EMC @ 17.24 (the high of the day to cover slippage and commissions. First target is 20 with a 15.23 initial stop.


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Give the Premium Membership a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. While we cannot guarantee you will make money, we have beat the market every year since our inception. In fact, our Strong Sector Portfolio which started January 2008 is up 1.4% for the year, in a bear market when the DJIA is down 14.2%.

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