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Our investing philosophy is rooted in finding value, ala Warren Buffett, which is joined at the hip with growth at a reasonable price. Then we add technical analysis to identify key buy and sell levels as well as track the key trends. This is where value, growth and technicals meet.

This investing strategy has beaten the market in each of the stock portfolios we offer. You can read more about the details of this strategy at Beat the Market. We tell our Premium Members what we intend to buy and sell before we make those trades.

Capable Companies Portfolio

Since inception on January 2006, our Capable Companies Stock Portfolio has beaten the market. This portfolio takes advantage of companies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that have passed through our Beat the Market screening process. Then we wait for these companies to meet the technical criteria to buy, sell and set stops to protect capital. Covered call and protective put options may be used to enhance returns. This portfolio is normally comprised of no more than ten stocks to be sure there is sufficient time to monitor each company's business activities.

Strong Sectors Portfolio

This portfolio began in January 2008, just as the current bear market was underway. Since then it has beaten the market. This portfolio uses Exchange traded Funds (ETFs) to invest in key sectors that are most likely to beat the market using the Beat the Market screening process. We use technical analysis to identify buy and sell levels as well as where to set the trailing stop. Covered calls may be used to enhance returns.

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We also provide a free Initial Investments Portfolio for those just starting out. This portfolio is designed for anyone who is learning to invest in stocks. It starts each year with $10,000 in capital and it is designed to help stock market beginners learn how to invest and trade without risking substantial capital. Access to this stock portfolio is free to anyone and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to invest and trade, as well as make some money.

The trades for the Initial Investments Portfolio are posted at the end of the day after the market closes. Only Premium Members receive email notification of trades, access to the Stock Watch list, use of the Strong Sectors and Capable Companies Portfolios, a comprehensive Weekly Market Commentary Newsletter and access to the Semi-Automatic Trading Systems. Also, most of the stock and all of the option trades in the Premium Portfolios are not replicated in the Initial Investments Portfolio.