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Thanks for making investing so easy to understand. And for growing my IRA. I am on my way to financial heaven.

- John

I really appreciate your rationale for each trade. Great teaching tool!

- Christine

I really like how you combine value investing with technical analysis. It really works.

- Simon

New Articles

Sovereign Credit Crisis
The sovereign credit crisis in Europe could be the beginning a a longer term malaise that affects the world.

Anemic GDP Growth Rate is Not Good Enough
The United States GDP growth rate of 3.2% is insufficient to to overcome high unemployment and underemployment. It only covers those entering the job market for the first time.

Are Bonds Hinting the Rally in Stocks Would End?
Stocks and bonds typically move in opposite directions.
What does the trend in bond prices tell us about the trend for stocks?

Buy and Hold vs. Market Timing Strategy
Buy and Hold not working. Try a Market Timing Strategy.

Debt to GDP Ratio, the Looming US Debt Crisis
The US debt to GDP ratio is reaching worrisome proportions. What indicators tell you the US debt situation is becoming a crisis?

Stock Market Average Annual Return
Is your portfolio beating the stock market average annual return?

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks
Learn to analyze the fundamentals of a stock.

Economics for Investors
Economics drives the stock market.

Stock Market Sector Rotation
Which sectors are the best for you.

Learn to Invest

Investing Books for Beginners.
My top ten list of best books on investing in the stock market for beginners.

Learn to Invest Articles

How to be a Contrarian Investor
Being a contrarian investor is more difficult than many people think. Going against the crowd when things are at their worst is a challenge.

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Ratio.
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Ratio is one of the important tools used to identify companies that offer good value and have the potential to grow.

Where Fundamental and Technical Analysis Meet

Investors, who regularly beat the stock market, follow a proven stock investing system. Our stock market investing philosophy is rooted in finding value, ala Warren Buffett, which is joined at the hip with growth.

Head and Shoulders Stock Pattern
The head and shoulders stock pattern is one of the most popular patterns used by technical analysts. It also is one of the most successful stock chart patterns.

Free Cash Flow Yield
Free cash flow yield is one of the best indicators used by fundamental analysts to select and assess companies. The higher the number the more free cash per share.

Technical Analysis Tutorial
Simple technical analysis indicators for stocks.

Stock Options Explained
Use options to reduce risk and increase overall return.

Industry Sectors
Analysis of industries of interest.